Breakfast Menu

Breakfast served Mon-Fri: 8am-11:45 am

Saturday 9am-1pm, Sunday 9am-2pm




Fresh Market Fruit Salad with yoghurt 4.95


Granola Homemade oven-toasted cereal 5.95

with fresh fruit & yoghurt


Winter Warmer 4.50

Hot oatmeal with seasonal compote & maple syrup


Smoked Irish Salmon With Free Range Scrambled Eggs 6.95

& toasted home-made brown soda bread


Hearty Breakfast Bacon, pork & leek sausage, egg, 9.95

potato chive cake, tomato, relish, toast & tea or coffee


Vegetarian Breakfast Mushrooms, egg, home-cooked 9.95

beans, potato chive cake, tomato, relish, toast & tea or coffee


Smoked Bacon & Leek Potato Cakes 6.95

with poached eggs & roasted cherry tomatoes


Baked Eggs 6.95

Two free range eggs baked in smoked paprika house beans with spinach and a hint of cream

Served with toast. Add chorizo €1.00


Homemade Scones Raisin, blueberry, raspberry, apple 2.95

or chocolate chip, with butter & raspberry preserve

with cream 3.50


Queen's Light Start Scone of your choice with butter 5.95

& raspberry preserve, orange juice & tea or coffee


Today's Muffins 2.95


Cinnamon Cardamom Swirls with Apple Butter 2.95


Americano 2.50

Cappuccino 2.65

Large Cappuccino 2.95

Espresso 2.10

Double Espresso 2.95

Cafe au Lait 2.75

Cafe Mocha 2.95

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows 3.25

Tea per person 2.10

Fresh Orange Juice 2.95

Juices Cranberry or Apple 1.95

Soft Drinks 2.25

Irish Coffee 5.95